Pick for the Week of 21 January 2019

I am bringing back my picks of the week with a bit of caffeine bliss! I have been an ardent support of the AeroPress, and I am still am, yet I just rediscovered the coffee bliss that is the French press (I know that drip is supposed to be the best way to prep coffee, yet I am a bit impatient when I need my coffee). 

So, without further ado, my pick of the week is the Bodum Chambord French Press! I originally picked up the 1 cup Brazil version for the home and it turned out I drank more coffee than I could quickly make with this version and it is currently being used at work. The larger Bodum Chambord French Press allowed me to make coffee for both Shiori and myself and have a bit extra left over to top off our cups. Flavor-wise, we both preferred the fuller flavor that the French press produced compared to our AeroPress…again, your mileage may vary. The press is easy to disassemble and clean and comes with the press itself and a measuring spoon. So far, unless time is of the essence, French press it is and this product sold me on it!

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