Vintage Post: Mameshiba Catch Review

The Japanese have some interesting cartoon characters in their country and Mameshiba is one of them. So, what is Mameshiba? It is a combination of both a soy bean and a dog. They released a little game for iOS that allows you to catch all the characters in the Mameshiba universe and each has this […]

Format in ExFAT in Mavericks OS X

I have embedded my annual screencast (this one covers OS X Mavericks) on how to format ExFAT in this post. I hope it helps the people who still need to move files between operating systems. I would highly recommend switching over to using Dropbox or any of the plethora of other file sharing services that […]

The Beginning of Crypto Currency Weekly

My coworker and buddy Julian Yap and I will be sending the first newsletter of Cryptocurrency Weekly containing articles of importance from the crytocurrency world next Friday, the 9th of May. If you are interested, please feel free to join the mailing list by following this link. Mahalo! Links Crypto Currency Weekly

SBX-1 Visit

I was lucky enough (Mahalo Burt) to receive the opportunity to visit the SBX–1 and it was an amazing journey through a rather large and very cool piece of tech. I apologize to all those I promised to get the photos up earlier, so, without any further procrastination, here are the photos I took while visiting the vessel.

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