Homework Podcast

During the workday, I listen to podcasts versus listening to music to keep up to date with technology news and learn new facts about my interests. One of my most listened to podcasts that is currently airing on the 5by5 network, and I have many on this network, is the Homework podcast. Homework, in its simplest form, gives tips and tricks of working from home. As a power user in your business or company, the questions that Aaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo answer are pertinenet not only to people working from home but also to people who are working within a larger company. The topics are always timely with what is currently occurring in the workplace and they also cover topics that are a recurring theme.

If you are running a business, working from home, a “cog” in a larger company, the topics that are covered in this podcast will assist you in your tasks. Everything from charging what you are worth to dealing with problematic customers is covered in the show in an easy to understand fashion. There is a bit of gaming talk in the podcast, but, in my opinion, it is bearable and you can always skip past those portions. What are you waiting for, go do your Homework!

Nomad Charge Key

Nomad Charge Key

One item that has become a necessity while traveling and provides the lifeblood to our portable devices is the USB to lightning cable. Without it, our iOS devices become nothing more than fancy paperweights and our productivity grinds to a halt. To solve this issue, I have started carrying a Nomad Charge Key with me on my keychain so I always have a lightning cable with me. The cable itself is very unobtrusive and does not add considerable weight or bulk to my pocket and is flexible enough so that it won’t break easily or poke you in your side. When you need to charge your device in, just plug the charge key into the closest USB port and replenish the battery power. The device is so simple that there really isn’t much else to say about it other than if you need a micro-usb variant, it is also available for your charging pleasure: NomadKey USB 2.0 to Micro USB.



Pick of the Week: Line Messaging App

Pick for October 20, 2014


The Line messaging application has become very popular in countries outside US and is also starting to gain traction in the US. If you have a business that has to communicate with people in the East, the Line application is almost ubiquitous in use. Many of my friends and contacts in Japan use Line and the application is their preferred way of communicating. As with most all communication applications, Line exists not only on iOS, but also on many other platforms (Android, the Mac, Windows). Line allows for each video and voice communication when needed, too. Bottom line: Next to the Messages app, this application application takes a second place with the amount of messages it sends and receives. Best of all, the application and service itself is free. Line makes money by releasing games and selling stickers, themes, etc that tie into their platform. To use the application, you do not have to spend a penny!